Handmade Mudcloth Blanket – Balimaya

Handmade Mudcloth Blanket – Balimaya

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Experience the rich essence of humanity, life, and relationships with this one-of-a-kind handmade masterpiece.

We are proud to present our queen-size Mudcloth blanket, inspired by the term 'Balimaya,' which symbolizes family relationships. This exclusive design is not part of a collection; we have only one available, lovingly crafted with symbols representing humanity, life, connections between people, socialization, and life's journeys.


-  Size:  (Dimensions: 108”x 88")

-  Material: Authentic Mudcloth, known for its rich texture and durability

- Design: Handmade from scratch with traditional symbols embodying family, unity, and the human experience

- Versatility: Perfect as a bed cover, cozy throw, or unique decorative piece

- Care Instructions: Hand wash or machine washable on a gentle cycle; air dry recommended

Why Choose the Balimaya Mudcloth Blanket?

This is more than just a blanket; it's a celebration of culture, relationships, and the shared experiences that unite us. With only one of this design available, it's a truly unique piece that reflects both craftsmanship and meaningful symbolism.

Act now, as this exclusive item won't last long. Order your handmade Balimaya Mudcloth blanket today, and bring a touch of tradition and unity into your home.