Akua’s Moonbeam: Ghanaian Crystal Waist Ornament
Akua’s Moonbeam: Ghanaian Crystal Waist Ornament

Akua’s Moonbeam: Ghanaian Crystal Waist Ornament

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Experience the beauty and tradition of West Africa with these handcrafted Ghanaian Crystal Waistbeads. Made with vibrant, authentic crystals sourced from the heart of Ghana, these beads not only radiate elegance but also carry with them a piece of African heritage.


Authentic Ghanaian crystals: Each bead is handpicked to ensure quality and authenticity.

Adjustable: Designed to fit various waist sizes comfortably.

Durable: Strung with high-quality threading material to ensure longevity.

Multi-purpose: Can be worn as a fashion statement, for spiritual practices, or as a symbolic representation of personal growth and milestones.

What are Waistbeads?Waistbeads, often referred to as belly beads, have been worn by women in various African cultures for centuries. Traditionally, they hold significant cultural, spiritual, and personal meaning. These adornments can signify a woman’s maturity, wealth, protection, and beauty. In modern times, many wear them for fashion, body positivity, and to connect with their heritage. Regardless of the reason, waistbeads serve as a beautiful reminder of one’s journey, growth, and femininity.

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