Authentic 108” x 90” Mudcloth Blanket - Handcrafted in Ségou, Mali

Authentic 108” x 90” Mudcloth Blanket - Handcrafted in Ségou, Mali

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Experience the rich tradition and cultural heritage of Mali with this exquisite Mudcloth blanket. Measuring a generous 108” x 90”, it's the perfect statement piece for your home, adding warmth, texture, and an authentic touch.

Handmade with Love in the Mali Region of Ségou:

Each blanket is carefully crafted from scratch by skilled artisans in the Ségou region. Using traditional methods passed down through generations, every stitch tells a story.

Symbolism and Meaning:

Inspired by the Siginogo numan symbol, this blanket is a masterpiece that embodies healthy cohabitation. The design features three linked circles representing unity and connection, while the broom symbol emphasizes cleanliness and goodness.

Quality Materials for a Timeless Feel:

Made from locally-sourced materials, the Mudcloth fabric is durable yet soft to the touch. Its unique texture brings a piece of Mali's rich history right into your living space.

Care Instructions:

Hand wash or use a gentle machine cycle to maintain the integrity of this handmade treasure or dry cleaning.

Why Choose This Mudcloth Blanket?

- Celebrate cultural artistry and craftsmanship.

- Elevate your home décor with a piece that's as meaningful as it is beautiful.

- Support the local artisans of Ségou, fostering a sustainable and ethical fashion movement.

Embrace the essence of Mali with this stunning Mudcloth blanket. Limited quantities available, so order yours today and wrap yourself in the warmth of tradition!

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