4oz Sea Moss
4oz Sea Moss

4oz Sea Moss

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Benefits: Sea Moss, a type of algae found in
the Atlantic waters, is rich in nutrient values
and is considered a SUPERFOOD by Nutrition
§Paioxidants, minerals and iodine contents are
ammensely beneficial in supplementing the
Wemune system, improving digestion and gut
well being
of the
by boosting the
Walen, slowing premature skin aging and
here. As a natural aphrodisiac it also improve
Its mucilaginous texture
makes it a great healing & soothing agent for
nucous membranes in the body, including the
respiratory and digestive systems.
uggested intake: Naturally tasteless, it
can easily be mixed with smoothies, puddings,
honey, juices, soups or stews.Its 100% vegan
I can be commonly used as a
thickening agent.
Warning: Please stop taking Sea Moss if
some allergic reactions such as skin reddening
or nausea. feeling
acure. Seek medical cure if symptoms persist. Do not take
sea moss during pregnancy or nursing.

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